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Autumn JFO ​2022

One trip “up the mountain” to Lassen JFO set Tom on a spiritual journey that has grown even more fulfilling in retirement.  He was raised in a devout, Lutheran family in rural Michigan.  A functional view of God served him through those early years, even college, a technical graduate school and an international business career.  Always the curious thinker, something - very basic still seemed to be missing.  Although he drove up the mountain that June day in 1997, the spiritual insights he gained at his first JFO camp enabled him to float down.  He will be relating how these insights have affected his life.

Beth Miller
Program Leaders

Kirsten Nielsen - Rhythms       Danielle Jones - Creatives

Song Leader - Dana Belmonte      Pianist - Dan Damon

Erik Nielsen

Autumn JFO

The Autumn JFO Council Ring welcomes you back to Autumn JFO 2022 in person camp located at beautiful Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center on the southern shore of majestic Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 

The facility is accessible to people with disabilities. 

Speaking Leaders

Erik has attended Winni CFO/JFO since his wife, Kirsten brought him in 1983. He has been active as a leader in several capacities at Winni over the years. He considers CFO/JFO the most significant defining experience of his life. It has been at the center of his spiritual growth. Erik grew up and still lives in Portland, Maine. He met his wife, Kirsten through CFO friends, and they have been married for 34 years. Erik and Kirsten have two sons, Anders and Soren, who also grew up at Winni. Erik is a retired elementary teacher. He is exploring what God is calling him to do next. He is grateful to the Autumn JFO Council Ring for giving him the opportunity to begin this new phase of life by reflecting on and sharing his spiritual journey.

JFO/CFO have been the spiritual foundation of Beth’s life. Having attended at least 1 camp a year for 48 yrs. the Love and Prayer practiced at camp have become integrated in most aspects of her life.  Beth has been a High School teacher for 25 yrs., the last 17 years working with “At Risk” students, where she found her niche.  Between life’s bumps and scrapes, a challenging career and challenging health issues her relationship with Spirit has been her guiding light and solace. 

Sunday, September 18th to Friday, September 23th, 2022


Sunday, September 18th at 4:00 PM


Friday, September 23rd at 11:00 AM

First meal –Dinner on Sunday 6 PM
Last meal – Breakfast on Friday 8 AM

At Lake Tahoe

Tom Hecht