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Welcome back to Autumn JFO 2023 located at beautiful Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center on the southern shore of majestic Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 

Rooms and meeting areas are located in the Tallac Lodge. Rooms include a private bath, queen beds and all linens. The facility is accessible to people with disabilities.

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Autumn JFO 2023

Mark Hicks


At Lake Tahoe

Mark Hicks is the founder and developer of TruthUnity.net, a place for the study, practice and sharing of metaphysical Christian writings. His early career was in small business and computer technology which he left in 2008 to start his website. Several years ago he came upon the life and writings of Glenn Clark, which introduced him to the "camping" communities Mark attends. Much of his recent efforts have been publicizing Glenn Clark's metaphysical teachings and Glenn Clark's efforts to establish world peace. He and Marika, his wife of 45 years live in northern Baltimore. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons.

Anders Nielsen

Program Leaders

Wendy Silverthorn - Rhythms      Johnann Johnson - Creatives

Song Leader - Mike Hegeman      Pianist - Dana Belmonte


Sunday, September 17th at 4:00 PM


Friday, September 22rd at 11:00 AM

First meal –Dinner on Sunday 6 PM
Last meal – Breakfast on Friday 8 AM

Anders J. Nielsen is a lifelong JFOer, having come up in the Winni JFO camp in NH since he was in the womb. Now as an adult, he is on a journey farther out that he is grateful to have kicked off with that spiritual family. Anders lives in Portland, ME and produces live comedy events year round in that area.

Autumn JFO