At Lake Tahoe

Sunday, September 19th to Friday, September 24th, 2021 

Welcome to Autumn JFO

Journey Farthest Out is a group of non-denominational prayer-based camps held in various places in Northern California, Nevada and New Hampshire. A JFO camp can best be characterized as a training ground for athletes of the spirit, a time apart from the distractions of everyday life to practice unconditional love, the love of God, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Autumn Lake Tahoe JFO camp creates a safe place in which all people are invited to experience unconditional love as taught and lived by Jesus Christ and great spiritual leaders. We explore and share our experience of God's presence in our lives through the camp program envisioned by Glenn Clark, as we become "athletes of the Spirit" in our daily lives. We practice the power of shared prayer for healing and peace.

Autumn JFO