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Our visionary, Glenn Clark, described camp environment this way: our “camps are dedicated to the purpose of discovering the wholeness of that abundant life which Christ promised, that life which is our rightful heritage whenever we dedicate our body, mind, and soul completely to God through play, work, and worship. We invite our campers to enter the kindergarten of creativity and discover all the joyous opportunities for Christian spiritual expression … the highest art of life is a living prayer.” Prayer is at the core of the JFO experience.  Prayer can be silent or spoken, individually or in a group. Glenn Clark found that his commitment to prayer eliminated his self-consciousness, selfishness, and worry.  He believed that if the intentions of his actions were right, then he could do anything, leaving the outcome entirely in God’s hands.  The result he received was greater happiness, better health, abundant power for work, great enjoyment in play, and an influence for good upon others more than he had ever known, all because he learned true communication with God. It 

Journey Farthest Out

is those fruits of the Spirit that we also seek, and often find, through prayer.  For some, this experience begins at camp. The vision that JFO campers share is to create a safe place in which all people, regardless of creed, are invited to come and experience unconditional love as taught and lived by Jesus Christ and other spiritual leaders.  

There are rich opportunities to grow and learn, as well as time for sharing with fellow travelers on their spiritual paths. We look forward to the experience that each camper brings, and we know the whole of the camp is greater than the parts alone.

Glenn Clark had the dream of groups of people getting together for an extended time away from busy lives to come into balance spiritually, mentally, and physically through personal and group prayer, meditation, singing, exercise and movement, creative expression, and sharing stories of their spiritual journeys.

Glenn was a coach, professor, author, Christian mystic, father, and a man of intense belief in the power of prayer. He believed that men and women could become "Athletes of the Spirit".

Glenn shared this dream with others and together they created the camps called Camps Farthest Out (CFO).  Today there are hundreds of Camps Farthest Out in the USA and around the world. Journey Farthest Out (JFO) camps are an outgrowth of CFO.  JFO camps, located in Northern California, Nevada and New Hampshire, can best be characterized as a training ground for “athletes of the spirit” – Dr. Clark’s description of spiritually alive people – through a time apart from the distractions of everyday life to practice unconditional love in the presence, love and guidance of God.

Our Visionary & Vision

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Sunday, September 15th to Friday, September 20th, 2024

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