We are excited to announce our Speaking Leaders!


Songleader: Carl Coss

Pianist: Dennis Johnson

Rhythms: Wendy Silverthorn

Creatives: Jim French and Karen Hanlon

At Lake Tahoe

Lorna Kohler

Lorna Kohler has devoted a lifetime to exploring the intersection of spirituality and the arts. She studied music, dance and drama as a child and collaborated on numerous performing arts projects as an adult. She started teaching kindergarten music while still in high school, taught thousands of students in public and private schools, and continues to offer private music lessons at her studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. While living in Santa Cruz, Lorna and her two young daughters gathered with two other families for a weekly prayer group that continued until all the children left home to begin their own adult lives. Lorna led rhythms and singing at Shasta CFO and served as treasurer on the Council Ring. She is grateful to Barbara Thomas for inviting her to Autumn JFO in 2018 and 2023 and looks forward to sharing her spiritual journey with the Autumn JFO community in 2024

Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones grew up in a small town in Ohio and moved to California in the early 80’s. She was invited to camp by her mom over 10 years ago and ever since her first camp experience finds JFO to be an essential part of her spiritual journey, growth and wellbeing. JFO is her chosen family of the heart, and she feels blessed to be counted a member of this beloved community. Danielle is committed to the values of Service, Growth, and Compassion, which have shaped her perspective and guided her journey. It is due to this sacred purpose; she has dedicated over 25 years to the field of education. With life’s purpose centered around abiding in love, she aims to spread positivity and light wherever she goes. Through her strengths of being a learner, fostering connections, and an unwavering belief, the vision of Glenn Clark to be Athletes of the Spirit coalesces with Danielle’s aspirations for her life’s journey. Currently residing in Oakdale, CA, with her loving family, including her husband, son, and mother, she also holds the cherished title of being Robby's grandma. A daughter and son-in-law complete her beautiful familial circle.

What to bring:  An open heart, casual, comfortable clothing, preferably in layers, walking shoes, flashlight, writing & reading material. For those brave souls who wish to swim in the lake bring swimsuits.
Staying off grounds: There are options for accommodations in the surrounding area. The $95 registration fee for the week is required. Meals are not included but can be ordered with advance notice.
Visitors for one day/Guests of Campers: 

Must pay registration fee of $25 per day and meals must be ordered in advance.
Meals lovingly prepared by the facility staff are served in the nearby dining hall. The only accommodations for meals are vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. 

Lake Tahoe during a beautiful sunset night at Autumn JFO

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Autumn JFO

Sunday, September 15th to Friday, September 20th, 2024

Welcome to Autumn JFO 2024 located at beautiful Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center on the southern shore of majestic Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 
Rooms and meeting areas are located in the Tallac Lodge. Rooms include a private bath, queen beds and all linens. The facility is accessible to people with disabilities.

Autumn JFO 2024


Sunday, September 15th at 4:00 PM

First meal –Dinner on Sunday 6 PM


Friday, September 20th at 11:00 AM
Last meal – Breakfast on Friday 8 AM